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KOYO brand bearings from JTEKT are found virtually anywhere where accurate rotational control is required

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  • High performance and reliable bearings for the aerospace and aviation industry. By combining innovative technology, technical expertise and advanced manufacturing
  • We rely on the production of food, fiber and other agricultural products more than we realize. The machines and tools
  • There are more than 260 million vehicles on the European roads with a huge variety of brands and models. Besides
  • Construction industry lies at the base of the world economy. Be it residential, commercial, heavy, civil or industrial edifice, they
  • Market demand for increased productivity and product machining efficiency has led to regular improvements in speed and efficiency of machine
  • The use of diagnostic devices in the medical and healthcare industry has increased dramatically over the past few years. The
  • The many bearings in a motorcycle have various functions such as supporting a spinning crankshaft or keeping the wheels on
  • Rail transport is a major form of passenger and freight transport all over the world. Railway vehicles are exposed to
  • Replacement market (automotive and industrial) Our advanced technologies are a guarantee of a long lasting performance and high reliability of
  • It is difficult to imagine a world without steel and iron, so used have we grown to its everyday presence
  • Transmission and gear systems are crucial in a lot of mechanical devices. The most common use is in automobile vehicles
  • We supply our bearings and share our technical knowledge with the world’s top listed wind turbine manufacturers. Even before the
  • High performance and reliable bearings for a huge variety of electrical applications. JTEKT develops and manufacture high performance and reliable
  • At JTEKT we manufacture a range of advanced bearing and products for the Marine Industry. Our products competitive edge means
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What is an angular contact ball bearing?

An angular contact ball bearing uses axially asymmetric races. An axial load passes in a straight line through the bearing, whereas a radial load takes an oblique path that tends to want to separate the races axially. So the angle of contact on the inner race is the same as that on the outer race. Angular contact bearings better support "combined loads" (loading in both the radial and axial directions) and the contact angle of the bearing should be matched to the relative proportions of each. The larger the contact angle (typically in the range 10 to 45 degrees), the higher the axial load supported, but the lower the radial load. In high speed applications, such as turbines, jet engines, and dentistry equipment, the centrifugal forces generated by the balls changes the contact angle at the inner and outer race. Ceramics such as silicon nitride are now regularly used in such applications due to their low density (40% of steel). These materials significantly reduce centrifugal force and function well in high temperature environments. They also tend to wear in a similar way to bearing steel—rather than cracking or shattering like glass or porcelain.

Most bicycles use angular-contact bearings in the headsets because the forces on these bearings are in both the radial and axial direction.

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