JTEKT Hyper Strong new series Spherical Roller Bearings--> JHS

Koyo Bearings, a division of JTEKT Corporation, has introduced a new generation of Spherical Roller Bearings – the JTEKT Hyper Strong (JHS) Series.

The Koyo JHS Series Spherical Roller Bearings features a longer service life, higher maximum speed, improved axial load performance and higher maximum temperature allowance.

A longer service life is realized by strictly controlling the material specification (minimizing non-metallic inclusions), improvement of lubrication as a result of arrangement of the rollers in a more stable position and increased load carrying capacity by improved roller design (more and larger rollers).

The improved arrangement of the rollers in a more stable position also results in a higher maximum speed and maximum temperature allowance. The increased number and size of the rollers, in combination with the improved, more stable roller arrangement leads to a higher axial load performance, as well.

 For more (technical) information please do not hesitate to contact us, or download the JHS new series Spherical Roller Bearings here

Bearing 3D

Où sont produits les roulements Koyo?

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Japon: 5 usines
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Europe: 7 usines
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