Strategic Partnership between JTEKT Corporation and the Nadella Group

JTEKT Corporation and the company Nadella Group are starting a strategic partnership allowing the Nadella Group to have the exclusive rights of selling the Nadella Needle Roller bearing Products range to the Industrial Distribution segment, on a worldwide basis. From now on JTEKT Corporation will be a strategic subcontractor and will dedicate its capabilities and resources only to the manufacturing of this product line on behalf of the Nadella Group. Read more

After having conducted a comprehensive study of the opportunities to make use of the market challenges, both parties have decided to concentrate on their own area of excellence. It means manufacturing by JTEKT Corporation, on the one hand and Sales and Marketing for Nadella Group, on the other hand. Active since decades in this specialized product line, the Nadella Group has developed in recent years an aggressive approach not only in terms of Sales but also in terms of Engineering and Marketing support. As the manufacturing partner JTEKT Corporation will not compromise on quality and will continue to invest and re-organize its operations to offer the Nadella Group customers the utmost quality at the most competitive price.

Bearing 3D

Qu’est-ce qu’un roulement à aiguilles?

Un roulement à aiguilles possède des éléments roulants cylindriques de grande longueur par rapport au diamètre. Ils sont particulièrement adaptés pour des applications où un encombrement minimal est requis à une vitesse et une charge déterminée. Ces roulements sont tout à fait adaptés pour leur capacité à supporter une vitesse et une charge radiale requise tout en ayant la section la plus mince de tous les types de roulement.

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