We supply our bearings and share our technical knowledge with the world’s top listed wind turbine manufacturers.

We supply our bearings and share our technical knowledge with the world’s top listed wind turbine manufacturers.

Even before the ratification of the Kyoto protocol in 1997, JTEKT already made its important contribution to the wind turbine industry by using advanced technology and knowledge to develop and manufacture reliable, state of the art bearings. We supply our bearings and share our technical knowledge with the world’s top listed wind turbine manufacturers.

A wind turbine should run for 20 years with an availability of 95-98%. During this period maintenance is needed with an approximate frequency of every 6 months. Therefore reliability is the primary driver for its design. Taken this into account we have developed bearings for several applications in a wind turbine:

  • Generators
  • Main shaft
  • Gearbox

Experience and capabilities

Products for Generators:

Our Koyo brand hybrid ceramic bearings for generators feature ceramic balls with excellent insulation performance which additionally prevents high temperatures while rotating. Compared to regular types, our hybrid ceramic bearings improve the efficiency of use; reduce the frequency of re-lubrication and of preventive maintenance.

Products for the Main shaft:

Spherical roller bearings are used primarily for the main shaft of a wind turbine because of their superior aligning characteristics and load durability. Complex analysis of rotor rotational speeds, appropriate loads, shaft, housing, rigidity and lubrication are done on a regular basis to ensure the quality of our bearings.

Products for the Gearbox

The planetary gearbox and the generator of a wind turbine transform mechanical power into electricity. The gearbox needs to increase efficiency, provide low speeds, deliver high reduction ratios, transmit a higher torque and distribute proper stress among different load-bearing components.

Bearing 3D

What is a tapered roller bearing?

A tapered roller bearing is a bearing in which tapered rollers (truncated conical rollers) are inserted between the cup (outer ring) and cone (inner ring). The rollers are guided by the cone back face rib.

They have high radial and axial (thrust) load capacities at low to intermediate speeds. Taper roller bearings are available in single-row, two-row and four-row designs. With single-row bearings, the thrust load capacity is about 60% of the radial capacity. Double-row bearings have a greater radial load capacity and can handle thrust loads from both directions. The rollers can be configured so that the contact lines to the races converge or diverge towards the axis of rotation. Diverging double-row bearings increase the rigidity of the shaft mounting, but converging bearings do not. Other configurations for double-row bearings feature a single outer ring and two inner rings, or two outer rings and a single inner ring. Four-row tapered roller bearings consist of four rows of alternating converging and diverging rollers.

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