JTEKT Europe Bearings B.V. (formerly Koyo Europe) will be participating at Hannover Messe 2023 with a small booth in the Motion+Drive pavilion in hall 5, booth D04/2. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet & greet “live” after several years of (too many) online meetings. We will be featuring several new products including the race bicycle ONI-bearing, the ultra-compact JUCB-bearing and the JTEKT Lithium Ion Capacitor. This will also be an excellent opportunity to promote the brand-transition from Koyo to JTEKT.   



The recently introduced ONI bearings, using ceramic balls and a special internal design to secure ultra low friction while maintaining bearing durability, are now becoming more popular among participants of the JAPAN PRO TOUR races.  

The MATRIX POWERTAG Team is testifying about the performance of these professional speed cycle race wheel bearings:



The quest for weight reduction and downsizing continues as we slowly move in to the era of Electric Vehicles (EV's). Therefore JTEKT Bearings (formerly Koyo Bearings) has made efforts to develop an Ultra Compact Bearing (JUCB) for application in EV e-axles, which, as a matter of fact, can also be used for other industrial applications. 

For more details please check out the article recently published in BearingNews




JTEKT Bearings (formerly Koyo Bearings) recently developed a special ceramic wheel bearing for race bicycle application. The performance (extremely low friction while maintaining bearing life) is remarkable and contributed to world-class sport achievements, as can be read in the below linked article in BearingNews.


The Lecoimpex team organized a momentous celebration event in Târgu Mureș, to which the company’s coworkers, JTEKT Europe, partners and friends were invited.

Bartha Carol, the General Manager of Lecoimpex, made a brief presentation of the company’s start-up period, 1992-1996, when Leco began to distribute industrial spare parts.

Bartha Carol highlighted the fact that the good decisions, the high quality products and a valuable team led the company to success. He was also talking about the technical services the company offers to customers, services that come to complete the wide range of products LECO distributes.

The second speaker, Fodor Venczel, the Commercial Director of Lecoimpex, was talking about the company’s present and its future plans. The LECO team is full of new ideas and constantly innovates, this process leads the company to continuous growth. In 2019 LECO launched a new web shop with 60-70 thousand products, most of them with detailed technical description, which facilitates the buyer’s decision and act of buying.

Fodor Venczel also spoke about important news at the level of physical stores: „we purchased a new headquarter in Bistrița, where we implemented a new store model, the self-service shop. A Self-service shop makes the products more visible and it gives a better shopping experience for the customers. We also plan to buy a new logistic center in Târgu Mureș, which will offer the possibility to have another and bigger self-service shop and to have a much bigger warehouse than the current one.”

The last speaker was Eliade Rotariu, a special guest, business trainer and coach. He was talking about the crisis and resilience offering a series of useful tips for this complicated period of life.

During the celebration JTEKT Europe – represented by Mr. Dimitri Loutfi, Senior General Manager AM Europe, handed over an AWARD to Lecoimpex - Mr. Bartha Carol, CEO as an appreciation for the long term, trustful and fruitful partnership.

The evening ended with a festival where the employees and the guests had the opportunity to share their thoughts.












Bearing 3D

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